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Trauma Doesn’t Have to Mean Forever

Join us for an insightful and transformative session titled “Trauma Doesn’t Have to Mean Forever,” presented by The Brief Therapy Center. This online workshop is designed to empower individuals and professionals with innovative approaches to understanding and healing trauma. During this event, you will explore: Trauma affects many, yet the journey to recovery IS profoundly […]

How to Survive Tenage Years and Maybe Be Friends Later in Life

Does it have to be a roller-coaster parenting teenagers? Join us for a professional development workshop designed specifically for therapy professionals: “How to Survive Teenagers and Maybe Be Friends Later in Life: A Brief Therapy Approach.” This interactive session is aimed at equipping therapists, counselors, and mental health professionals with targeted strategies and brief therapy […]

It takes two to tango BUT only one to promote positive change

In the dance of relationships, it often feels like both partners need to be equally engaged for change to occur. However, in our transformative workshop, “It Takes Two to Tango BUT Only One to Promote Positive Change,” we challenge this notion and introduce a groundbreaking approach that empowers therapists to facilitate meaningful progress, even when […]

It’s not working: How to fix therapy and give our clients better

Therapy is failing us, and we must fix it. Here is a groundbreaking workshop on why problem solving brief therapy is now imperative. Why Brief Therapy?In this workshop, we’ll delve into the compelling reasons why therapy sessions should be more concise. Our aim isn’t to chase after miracles but to foster achievable, meaningful change that […]

Una mañana de supervisión con Karin Schlanger

¡Participa en nuestro Taller de Supervisión de Casos! Este evento imperdible ofrece una invaluable oportunidad para los profesionales de la psicología, coaching, educación y trabajo social. Con la destacada presencia de Karin Schlanger, directora del Brief Therapy Center de Palo Alto, y Margarita Irazusta, Directora BTC Paraguay, este seminario promete una breve contextualización teórica y […]

Manage the Holiday Blues

Join as as we use problem solving brief therapy to address Holiday Blues. We will show you how to use systems thinking to identify what people do that unwittingly contributes to holiday blues . We will also identify things therapists can do to empower their clients to do when facing the season of “cheer”.

Supervision with complicated cases

Join us for a dynamic and interactive workshop designed to empower your therapeutic skills. In this hands-on session, participants are encouraged to bring a case for consultation. We will delve into the Problem Solving Brief Therapy (PSBT) approach, shedding light on how persistent holding patterns can hinder both clients and therapists. Our seasoned USA Director, […]

Cómo lograr más con menos. La buena práctica de la Terapia Breve

La buena práctica de la Terapia Breve de Resolución de Problemas. Cómo hacer más para el cliente en menos tiempo. Imparte: Karin Schlanger, directora del Brief Therapy Center de Palo Alto, presencialmente en Barcelona por 2 dias. Cuándo: Lunes 23 de octubre de 10:00 a 14:00 y de 16:00 a 20:00 Dónde: Barcelona, espacio por […]

Do you dare use paradoxes in your practice?

Unlock the potential of transformative change by challenging the conventional wisdom of problem-solving! This specialized workshop dives deep into the unique approach of Paradoxical Interventions, a hallmark technique in Problem Solving Brief Therapy. Gain insights into a groundbreaking methodology that adds a whole new dimension to the therapeutic process, allowing for outcomes that traditional methods […]

Panic attacks? Don’t Panic: we can help

Join us for an insightful and interactive workshop that delves into the realm of panic attacks. In this session, participants will embark on a comprehensive exploration of panic attacks from a distinct vantage point, fostering a transformative understanding of their nature and management. Led by experts from the Brief Therapy Center, this workshop offers a […]



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