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Supervision with complicated cases

Join us for a dynamic and interactive workshop designed to empower your therapeutic skills. In this hands-on session, participants are encouraged to bring a case for consultation. We will delve into the Problem Solving Brief Therapy (PSBT) approach, shedding light on how persistent holding patterns can hinder both clients and therapists.

Our seasoned USA Director, Esther Krohner will elucidate the core principles of the PSBT model, offering guidance on how to navigate challenging situations when you find yourself stuck. Whether it’s this particular case or others you encounter, this workshop will equip you with the tools and perspectives needed to transform obstacles into opportunities.

In the world of PSBT, being stuck is no longer an immovable roadblock; it becomes a choice or a non-choice when viewed through this unique lens of reality. During the therapy process, we will demonstrate how to effectively utilize this frame to foster breakthroughs.

Please note that there will be a limit on the number of participants who can engage in consultations, so secure your spot early to ensure you don’t miss this valuable opportunity.

Supervision with complicated cases


November 10, 2023


17:00 - 18:00






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