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It takes two to tango BUT only one to promote positive change

In the dance of relationships, it often feels like both partners need to be equally engaged for change to occur. However, in our transformative workshop, “It Takes Two to Tango BUT Only One to Promote Positive Change,” we challenge this notion and introduce a groundbreaking approach that empowers therapists to facilitate meaningful progress, even when only one partner is ready or willing to take the steps needed for change.

This interactive session is designed to equip therapists with the tools and insights necessary to work more effectively with couples, fostering a supportive environment where each individual can CHANGE their relationship dynamics in a new light. Participants will leave with a profound understanding of how to:

  • Conduct insightful interviews with couples to identify the motivated party.
  • Guide individuals in crafting a vision for their relationship’s future that is both inspiring and achievable, without overstepping boundaries.
  • Navigate challenging scenarios where engagement is unilateral, ensuring that progress is still within reach.

Our innovative model emphasizes the power of individual agency within a partnership, offering hope and clarity to those seeking to influence their shared future positively. By the end of our workshop, therapists will not only have gained valuable skills to enhance their practice but also the ability to attract more clients due to the effectiveness of their work.

Join Us:

Join us on February 23rd to transform the way you support couples in their journey toward a healthier, more harmonious relationship. Whether both are ready to tango or not, learn how just one can lead the dance towards positive change.

It takes two to tango BUT only one to promote positive change


February 23, 2024


18:00 - 19:00






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