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How to recover from Trauma. A Problem Solving Brief Therapy lens.

How to truly recover from Trauma. A Problem Solving Brief therapy lens.  I believe complex trauma has become more misunderstood among therapists and counselors who are taught to treat it with set protocols, which are applied to every trauma case that comes into their offices. Yes, trauma casts a long shadow over the lives of […]

Effective Therapy for Teens

How to survive teens and help their parents too with Problem Solving Brief Therapy Help teens with mental health while helping parents help their teens. Have you worked with parents of teens who have good intentions and are lost as to how to help their teen with their mental-health? No surprise here: most parents want […]

It takes two to tango BUT only one to promote positive change

Couples therapy that works, using Problem Solving Brief Therapy. Relationships are intricate tapestries woven with threads of joy, laughter and shared dreams but canalso face challenges, conflicts and moments of uncertainty. This is when, normally, therapists get a call. “We have tried many things and we are stuck. Please help”. The assumption by most therapists […]

Effective therapy needs to be brief–short, and solution focused therapy.

Effective therapy needs to be  brief–short,  and solution focused therapy. We come from a long tradition of focusing on what the client – or patient in other models– needs at the time they ask us for help. This premise, which is quite contrary to what they teach in college and other institutions, results in listening […]

Do you dare use paradoxes in your practice?

Do you dare use paradoxes in your practice?

Can you use Paradoxes in Problem Solving Brief Therapy? For us, the answer is “yes, when indicated”, like any other intervention.  For some reason, the word Paradox is heard as a bad one when used in psychotherapy.  Psychotherapists usually believe that there are several considerations and potential reasons why they might use paradoxes cautiously. When […]

How to improve the Mental Health Crisis in America: make treatments more effective

The United States is grappling with a crisis in mental health, one that has far-reaching implications for individuals, families and communities. In recent years, the prevalence of mental health issues has escalated to alarming levels, posing a significant challenge to the nation’s well-being and stability. One of the causes, we suggest is that the prevalent […]

AI for Eating Disorders. Come find out what we are about

A few weeks ago on the radio, while driving from one place to another, I heard an interesting and scary program. The National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA) had to suspend its helpline for people suffering from eating disorders because, when they called, the chatbot powered by Artificial Intelligence was offering advice on how to go […]

How we see the world: Politics through a Brief Therapy Lense. 

People often say everything is connected, when referring to interwoven events, people and movements. It’s because we cannot avoid looking at the world through a lens, through a particular window. We have chosen the Problem-Solving Brief Therapy lens because we find it useful and we wanted to share a perspective that even applies to everyday […]

Problem Solving Brief Therapy: the trunk of the tree

Problem Solving Brief Therapy (PSBT) is the trunk of the tree in the family of different modalities of postmodern therapies. Solution Focused, Narrative, Motivational Interviewing , to name just a few.  There are many advantages  to working from the original model, that extend to knowing when to implement what tools, working firmly from a non […]



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