What is Problem-Solving Brief Therapy? A functional model of change

We thought we would begin to dive into a description of what our model stands for and how it is different from other models of brief and family therapy. ‍ Most other models of therapy can be called ‘normative models’: the model provides a structure for human behavior and a deviation from such a structure […]

Coronavirus: 9 mental health keys in a time of isolation and uncertanty

An opportunity to see the world in a new way We are putting this together, having had the view of how the coronavirus epidemic played out in China. They had it first and are now certainly recovering. People there struggled with conflict, isolation, and anxiety. Beyond political borders, which viruses don’t recognize, we are all […]

Problem-solving and its effectiveness in business consulting

A Problem-solving model is an approach applied to businesses since they are organizational systems. Other consulting services might offer workshops or pieces of training –which are certainly useful – while this model offers new ideas to resolve current problems or those that one can see on the horizon. What solutions have been proposed that haven’t […]

How therapists see the client determines the reality they will construct

This morning I was talking with my colleague Sara, whom I supervise. She is in Spain. The case presentation went something along the lines of: ‍ I am working with a young adult who is 20, we’ll call him Martin. He is the oldest of four kids whose parents are immigrants. When he was 10, […]

Problem-solving Brief Therapy: a model applied to schools in the 21st Century

The Problem Solving Brief Therapy (BTC) is applied to all systems of human interactions. The definition of a system in Pragmatics of Human Communication by Watzlawick, Beavin-Bavelas, and Jackson is: “A set of objects together with relationships between the objects and between their attributes, in which objects are the components or parts of the system, attributes are the properties of the objects, […]

Help! How do we help our son to help himself?

Difficulties are part of life and it would be idealistic to think that there are people who don’t have them. These difficulties become problems for people who ask us for help when said difficulties are maintained over time through bad management and the application of apparent common sense which, with the best of intentions, does […]

A Systems View on Who is Getting the COVID Vaccine: my opinion on equity

One of the axioms of communication in ‘Pragmatics of Human Communication’ is that you cannot no communicate. In that vein, I am almost forced to write this blog. The Brief Therapy Center™ functions in Palo Alto, United States as well as Mexico City – mx.brieftherapycenter.org- and Paraguay -pybrieftherapycenter.org. We are currently all teaching a Diplomado, […]

Mindfulness, Social Justice and Problem Solving Brief Therapy: Different ways to help

Problem-Solving Brief therapy (BTC) from MRI in its practice dispels the notion of the psychotherapy stereotype. To be clear, this is the stereotype where we explore and analyze attachment patterns from their root and develop insight and interpretations with the hope of bringing about change in the here and now. The psychotherapy often portrayed in […]