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Brief Therapy®

We are an international group of multi-disciplined professionals committed to promoting Problem-Solving Brief Therapy®

The model was developed at the MRI in 1967. Since then, we have applied the Problem Resolution brief therapy model to many different human systems, where we promote constructive change management. We do this by bringing together many different voices, as well as leading figures in the field, to contribute and learn from the Brief Therapy Model.

Our vision is to create an international web of professionals who offer training, supervision and psychotherapy in the Problem-Solving Brief Therapy Model®, as well as conduct research to encourage the highest levels of efficacy and effectiveness in promoting change.
Woman looking in the distance as change flies away

Change the

The Problem-Solving Model creates actionable change and produces results. Where traditional forms of therapy are an exercise in the pursuit of “Why?” we focus on the present and begin to see results within a few sessions. We have no patients, instead clients who are eager to change their situation and thrive.


Problem-solving brief therapy®

Professionals in all the participating countries are certified and licensed in their professions, following the requirements in each place.

We are all available to offer individual, couple or family therapy for a variety of presenting problems like PTSD, depression, eating disorders, anxiety, performance anxiety, addictions,  coping for excessive drinking.

One of our specialties is working with one member of a dysfunctional system. For example, couple’s therapy with only one member of the couple or work related problems without your boss.

Training in the model

Some of our team-members have been providing training for almost 30 years. We can tailor make a training for you or your group ranging from one day to one week. If you are then interested in attending a Residency in Palo Alto, your previous training will count.

Call your local person to organize a program for you and you will save yourself airfares and hotel expenses. We look forward to serving your training needs.


We offer Supervision services that are essential for the responsible professional.


Join our residency program in Mexico City, Mexico to get first hand training and experience.


Connect with our growing global directory of professionals all trained in the Problem-Solving model.

Featured Blog Posts

Problem-solving Brief Therapy: a model applied to schools in the 21st Century

The Brief Problem Therapy Model is a minimalist process that allows professionals to work only and exclusively, with people who are willing to work to resolve a certain situation. We want to help educators today to find the correct door, that will open for them in order to solve the work environment conflict.

How therapists see the client determines the reality they will construct

According to The Brief Therapy Model, it is very important to put all the labels correctly and in case of feeling stuck, rethink what we have already identified and considered some other options. Sometimes we cannot move forward because there has been a misreading on the diagnosis base.

Problem-solving and its effectiveness in business consulting

Productivity and the optimal functioning of companies depend on, among many other things, the social environment of the people who form it. Palo Alto's Problem-Solving model, works for and to achieve lasting and effective results for problems that arise in any kind of work environmental.