A Clinical Interview in Brief Therapy

A Clinical Interview in Brief Therapy

Oct 9, 2019
Oct 9, 2019
FES Zaragoza Campus I, CDMX, México
Not Available
Currently all trainings are occurring in Mexico City, Mexico. They are available to join remotely via online teaching, but a professional understanding of Spanish is necessary in order to participate.

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Part of the IX Student Congress and IV International Congress of Research in Psychology


  • Technical scheme of the Problem-Solving Brief Therapy Model
  • Problems that can be occur with the Problem-Solving Model
  • Successes and failures of the Problem-Solving Model
What's included in the Personalized Classes?
  • Review of thereoretical-conceptual and practical elements
  • Participate in sessions from behind the mirror
  • The opportunity to take on a case personally
Learn in person the components of the Problem-Solving Model.

We give you the tools to incorporate the model into your own practice by teaching how to manage clinical interviews and how to design general interventions. We accomplish this all from the comfort of your workplace. At the partner branches in Paraguay and Chile, the trainings include work in schools and businesses.
The duration and scheduling of the residency program is based on the availability of the resident. Some programs last for a week, two weeks, or one to four months.

The professionals that practice for at least three to four months must write an article that can be published in a psychology journal on a theme that the resident selects (always in relation to the Problem-Solving Model).

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Training Leaders

Clara Haydee Solís Ponce

Clara Haydee Solís Ponce has a Psychology degree from the Universidad Nacional Autónoma of Mexico, Zaragoza campus. She has worked with the Model of Brief Therapy - Problem Solving since 2010. She has been a Clinical Psychology professor at the Universidad Nacional Autónoma of Mexico, Zaragoza campus, since 2007. She has coordinated a program of social service at the “Tamaulipas” University health clinic which offers free services of Clinical Psychology using the Problem Solving Model of Palo Alto, California. She also has some publications on this practice. Her interests are teaching Brief Therapy on-site and online; and the academic exchanges with systemic therapists from different parts of the world.

Pedro Vargas

Pedro Vargas has a degree in Psychology of the Universidad Nacional Autónoma of Mexico and he is a professor of Philosophy and History of Science at the Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana. He started his training in the Model of Brief Therapy of the MRI in 1991 and since 2009 has been in contact with the Brief Therapy Center. He has been a professor at Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México since 1988, in the Psychology Department, and he has been a Coordinator of that area since 2007. As a professor, he has been working on research on the History of Family Therapy. On the other hand, he has been working on the pedagogic aspects designing situations to teach Psychology using Information and Communication Technology, to train professional in different skills. He has participated in several national and international forums as a presenter in the Systemic Therapy field, and he has many publications related to Brief Therapy.
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