Practice makes perfect! We offer small group and individual supervisions so that you can become good at what you do. Mostly online, but inquire about face to face options.

Donec dictum est ut ante ultricies.

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The most effective professionals are coming out of our trainings.
Karin Schlanger was the one person who learned from the inventors of the Problem-Solving Brief Therapy at the MRI, since she was the one who lived in Palo Alto. Karin and her staff have been training several generations of effective change makers.

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The Center’s most important services

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We are different because we teach by focusing on the practical applications, not just theory. Our specialty trainings utilize real cases and high engagement with our trainers. We have specialized trainings of real cases and dynamics with our teachers.

Brief Therapy Certificate®

Entry level Problem Solving Brief Therapy. Around 250 hours of face to face training, readings and case analysis

Problem-Solving Brief Therapy®

Exclusive offering for colleagues who have completed the BT Certificate. Supervision of participant’s cases and 40 hours of group supervision. (Limited enrollment)

Corporate Services

We take care of the Mental Health of your people so you can focus on what you do best