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In 1967, the Brief Therapy Center® was created as part of the Mental Research Institute – MRI. Since the Institute’s closure, the Brief Therapy Center® is the sole successor to the MRI Brief Therapy Center®. Today it is the leading institution in the promotion and dissemination of Brief Problem Solving Therapy. In 2007 Karin Schlanger became the director and to this day she continues to lead the center par excellence of this therapy model.

What makes our model so special

About our Model

The Brief Therapy Center started in 1967 at the Mental Research Institute (MRI) in Palo Alto, CA as a research project  under Richard Fisch in collaboration with John Weakland and Paul Watzlawick (Jay Haley and Don Jackson also participated in the beginning). Their idea:  invent an effective therapy method, which we now know as Problem-Solving Brief Therapy. Today, the Brief Therapy Center, LLC continues as the leading institution in the promotion and  training for this form of therapy.


Thanks to its efficacy, this interactional approach is known worldwide; professionals across the world come to our facilities at the BTC Mexico to participate in our face to face training to hone their therapeutic skills.

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Every team member offers therapy services, nationally and internationally. Call us!

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We take care of the Mental Health of your people so you can focus on what you do best


Practice makes perfect! We offer small group and individual supervisions so that you can become good at what you do. Help your. Mostly online but inquire about face to face options.

Who makes our work possible

Meet our Team

These are the professionals that make up the BTC Palo Alto team

Karin Schlanger

Karin Schlanger was the Director of the Brief Therapy Center in MRI since 2008 until the sale of the building in 2019. She continues to be the director of the BTC currently. She has worked as a ps...

Gloria Díaz

Gloria Díaz is a Psychologist and has a Master’s from the Universidad de Barcelona, 2005. Intermediate piano degree from the Conservatorio Superior de Música del Liceo. Worked as...

Ignacia Pérez Botto

Since I began my studies in Psychology in Chile, the systemic current is what made me the most sense and where I wanted to direct my work. I have always felt that more traditional therapies tend to...

Esther Krohner

I have 14 years of experience working in mental health settings. I am and LMFT and RYT. I have been training and practicing family therapy with Karin Schlanger for 5 years at the...