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Since I began my studies in Psychology in Chile, the systemic current is what made me the most sense and where I wanted to direct my work. I have always felt that more traditional therapies tend to isolate people and problems, treating them separately from their context. On the other hand, the more traditional family therapy, although it included the family as part of the context to be visualized, did not allow work if it was not present, whether it was geographically separated, by divorce or simply because not everyone wanted to be part of therapy. This is how I arrived at the Brief Therapy model, where you can work individually without losing the interactional dimension of the problems that arise. In addition, it is an efficient model, where we will work with what the client presents instead of opening doors where we have not been invited.

Upon arriving in the United States, I decided that I wanted to specialize in the Brief Therapy Model nothing more and nothing less than where it originated, in Palo Alto. This is how I got to work with Karin Schlanger, director of the Brief Therapy Center in 2016, it is not understood and how I started a training path that will surely never end (and that is the idea!)

Since then I have done an intensive training of more than 2000 hours of sessions recorded and observed through the mirror, which gives the possibility not only to observe yourself to improve, but also to collaborative work with the team. In this way I was able to acquire the necessary experience that today allows me to apply the model in different scenarios.

My style is close, honest and direct, so I will surely ask many questions to get to understand the person and the problem in the best possible way. By working together we can focus on what is bothering, bothering or hurting today to generate movement that allows us to do something different and promote change.


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