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Clara Solís



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CDMX, México

Clara Solís



I liked psychology since middle school. Upon arriving at the university I confirmed that I made the right choice. In the sixth semester I studied the clinical area and met the family therapy and the brief therapy model. From that moment I knew that that was what I wanted to do when I left university. Although the profession first led me on the educational course I never forgot the therapy, in fact, it was always my support lever to solve problems with students and parents. In parallel, I began specialized studies in brief therapy and family therapy. Then I applied to be a teacher in the university and the vacancy was in the clinical area that definitely defined my professional career. Nowadays, with a solid training in systemic family therapy from university courses, I dedicate myself to teaching brief therapy in the public and private spheres, and I also practice brief resolution therapy in problems in the clinical area. And in relation to clinical supervision I receive and offer this modular aspect of brief therapy. To my interns and trainees I offer solid training and to my clients guidance, solutions and problem solving strategies.


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